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What happens if one of the key components of our understanding of a situation changes, or is not as might be expected! Clubs and spades are always black, hearts and diamonds are always red, that’s just how it is. But what happens if it’s not. Who notices and does it really matter? Either way, it’s a striking print. 


Cullars prints

One of a series of prints, where changing common assumptions can affect how things are perceived.


Available either unframed or in a wooden ash frame with card window mount.


A colour digital print on 200gsm FSC uncoated from the Cullars brand, designed by the artist, David Hopkins, produced by Screamprint Limited. Prints are not signed or numbered.

New Suits - Cullars digital print

  • Image area 210mm x 290mm

    Sheet size 300mm x 400mm

    Frame size 330mm x 430mm x 22mm

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