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Stuff that you might not be able to find anywhere else


SmallPieces is a distinctive series of prints featuring special images of special places. This growing collection is created from the artist's own photographs which are reworked, retouched and recoloured, to create highly graphic artworks that are unique reminders of a memorable visit, a meaningful location, or as works of art in their own right.


The collection is growing all the time with new images being added. Prints are available

either unframed or mounted in a black frame and signed by the artist.


Traphic offers a whole range of graphic products that have a motoring theme. There are greetings cards and framed posters with different takes on very familiar imagery, as well as gifts for those who really enjoy the open road.


As with all the Screamprint brands, new items are being designed and added to the shop, so a regular visit to the Traphic page could well mean that you find what you've always been looking for, either for yourself or as a great gift.


Traphic's products are built around recognisable graphics, that everyone can relate to.


If you tend to keep putting things off, then these quirky timewasters will make sure that you've got the perfect excuse, because these are the greatest doodle pads ever. Available in a variety of formats, the range provides loads of things to do, for no real purpose other than to amuse and entertain.


Already highly successful through high street and online retailers, this is the chance to get the product direct from the designer. There's also The Great I Am game, nominated as a Game of the Year and described by Sir Richard Branson as a ‘fantastic game’.


Cullars, as the name suggests, is about being bright, strong and colourful. Everybody has a favourite colour and this attractive brand aims to provide something for everyone.

Initially, there are greetings cards and framed prints focussing on the theme of colour, but more bright ideas will be added to the shop as they become available.


The framed prints, in particular, have the kind of immediate visual impact that any graphic image should have. Some of these are screenprinted by hand, framed and signed by the artist to be really individual.

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