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Who wouldn’t want an iconic piece of British graphic design as a coaster? British road signs are recognised by everyone, but they’re also the perfect shape for putting your cup of tea on, although ideally they’d need to smaller. Well, you’ve come to the right place. The variety of imagery means that there’s a coaster for everyone, and at the right size! There are signs that can relate to ages, interests, or are appealing just because they are colourful and direct.


Traphic coasters

This group of six shows some of the signs that tell you what to look out for on the journey, such as interesting attractions and features, even stopping or no stopping places! At least when you stop, there’s a place to put the drink. These high quality, cork backed coasters are available individually, or all six together. Have a look at the other groups before making your choice.


Clearway (no stopping)

Mini roundabout ahead

No through road


National Trust location



Road sign images: Crown copyright acknowledged

Road sign coasters - This and that

  • Round format with melamine front and cork back

    100mm in diameter x 4mm thick

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